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La Gazzella S.R.L. is specialized in production of lead alloy buckshot with standard diameter from 3.50mm to 8.65mm. This particularity allows to have a well balanced and extremely smooth and stable product suitable for big game hunting and sport shooting. The particular alloy and the fine workmanship minimizes the effects of air friction on the shot and maximizes the power of the shot.

The buckshot is a type of shot designed to be used for large game. The buckshot are more powerful and can often require a more sturdy weapon, the smaller pellets are much weaker and can therefore be fired by lighter weapons. The type of shot required depends on the use: the pellet is a very small shot designed for bird hunting and for this reason it is completely useless against larger prey. The use of buckshot for bird hunting could lead to the destruction of the prey.

Typically, the shot comes packaged in a cartridge that also includes gunpowder and batting; people can make their own cartridges or buy them from companies that specialize in the production of ammunition.

Buckshot cartridges are generally identified by a number, with most manufacturers producing sizes from 00 to 4. The smaller the number marks the larger shot size. 00 or “double value” is a popular size of cartridge, as its large size ensures great high shooting power. More or less buckshot can enter the cartridge according to its diameter, this affects the width of the shot and the probability of hitting. The accuracy, trajectory and power of the shot will vary according to the size of the shot / buckshot.

They are not very effective against protected targets and lose their accuracy on 25-30 meters (despite having ranges of 500 m); they are mainly used for hunting as they are very dangerous at short distances, and giving a greater chance of hitting the target.

Very small pellets will have slower speeds, will soon deplete their energy, effectively decreasing the penetration power and will give a larger pattern. Larger pellets will have a greater speed and range thanks to their mass and they will keep the energy longer allowing good penetration but, being few in a cartridge, the grouping they will form will not be large.



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